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Long weekend in Narnia? Czech & Bohemian Switzerland: beautiful trekkings, my tips'n tricks!

The Czech Republic is not only Prague, knedlicki and Helena Vondrackova. The country lying on Polish western border has much more to offer! Today I will tell you about a place that has stolen my heart, although, I must admit, I did not expect much from it … Today’s travel inspiration is perfect for those who love nature, trekking, active holidays and views straight from The Chronicles of Narnia – literally!



In my opinion, skip Hrensko and Jetrichovice, two places very often recommended as good starting points. I agree, they are definitely closer to the paths, but that’s where their advantages end. These cities are neither visually nor financially attractive. You will pay a fortune for staying in one or the other, and then, after getting off the trail, you will find yourself looking at plaster casts of pigs and gnomes (Hrensko) or at a huge parking lot crowded with vans and tourists (Jetrichovice). So where to stay? In … DECIN!

A picturesquely located city with beautiful, truly candy-like architecture and such a range of activities that the most zealous sports freaks will die of exhaustion! Kayaks, bicycles, climbing, trekking, an aquapark, and in the city: a castle, boulevards on the Vltava River, charming cafes and delicious Czech pastries! I rarely use such a term, but in this case I am sure – Decin will delight everyone.

I stayed at the campsite, Kemp Decin, which I recommend with all my heart! This is an ideal option for those of you who dream of a holiday in the bosom of nature but without having to take your own equipment. Kemp Decin gives you the option of renting a tent – I rented a two-person tent on my own, and, of course, the place itself if you come with your own tent or van. The campsite has everything you need: bathroom, showers, kitchens and even a bar with live music. Be sure to check out this option because in my opinion it is a GEM on the map of Decin.

How to get there?

If you do not travel by your own car, you can go to Prague by Flixbus and from there, for around 8/9euro, take a Czech train to Decin (PROTIP: train is lexx expensive than a bus, eg.RegioJet charges 3/4 times more). Or to Dresden and from there by German train to Decin. In both cases, it does not pose any major logistical difficulties and is non-invasive in both, financial and time terms 🙂 Personally, I spent one day in Prague and on the following day, well rested I went to Decin and just a few hours later I was standing on the first trail 🙂

How to get to the paths?

Decin is perfectly correlated with individual villages, where the particular trekkings of Bohemian Switzerland begin. But not only! I will also take you beyod the German border, to Saxon Switzerland.

Tickets for both, public transport and trains are very cheap, cost 40/50CZK (around 2euro). I will tell you how to get to specific trails in the articles dedicated to them.

For how many days?

As much as ypu have strength :d There is a lot to do in Bohemian Switzerland, so even a month would not be enough! Hence, not to overwhelm you, I suggest you to stay for three days – as much as I spent there.

Things you need to know before visiting Czech Republic!

Not only your own strength or the weather, but also the fact that ruined many of my plans. The fact is that a few years ago Bohemian Switzerland was hit by a huge, heartbreaking tragedy: a huge fire that could not be put out for many days and which consumed a large part of the forests of the Bohemian National Park. As a result, there are not only ecological losses, on a huge scale, but also the fact that many routes are closed to tourists (such as the famous Edmund Gorge or Gabrielle’s Path, state of affairs for 2023). Therefore, it is worth following the website of the Czech national park for the latest information.

And now, it’s time for the adventure!

Trekking no 1: Pravcicka Brana & Divoka Souteska

Trekking no 2: Mariina Skala & Vileminina Stena & Falkenstejn

Trekking no 3: Saxon Switzerland – Bastei Bridge & Schwedenlocher

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