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One day in Prague : see legends alive & eat good things & do it like Praguer

There is a certain perception this type of one-day trips, presenting them as extremely exhausting – because you have to see EVERYTHING, including the nail museum and an exhibition of paintings by an unknown, for you, artist – and stressful – the child cries because of the rush, and the wife rolls her eyes because the GPS failed again… .You can imagine this, right? I guess each of us has experienced such a hmmm survacation at least once.

BUT. This doesn’t have to be universally true all the time! I will prove to you, using the example of Prague, that such one-day trips can be great for recharging your batteries, pleasing your eyes and filling your bellies :d I invite you to the subjectively best plan for visiting Prague in one day.

1) Breakfast with the Monk

A wonderful, atmospheric bistro located right next to the Old Town, but far enough away that only a local or an insider (that is, from now on, you too!) will find it. And it’s worth looking for! Monk serves so many breakfast options that there is something for everyone. Personally, I recommend iconic choice, oldie but goodie: toast with poached egg and avocado, and baked mushrooms… 11/10

For those of you, who love coffee like I do: Caffe Milani with genuinely perfect coffee and … clock, we, coffee addicts, need 😀

2) Walk around the Old Town

I suggest starting the walk from the Prasna Brana, it is a kind of official beginning of Prague. Although for me it starts earlier, with the Stavovske Divadlo, a theater with beautiful architecture, operating INCESSANTLY since 1783!

Going further, through the charming streets of Prague, we reach Staromestske Namesti, which attracts THOUSANDS of tourists every year!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of fighting for a place to breathe, so I suggest you see each of these objects in the morning, when tourists are still sleeping peacefully in their hotels. And it’s worth getting up a bit earlier to see them! I mean, monuments, not tourists 😉

3) An eye for… a clock?

The Prague Orloj is a real feast for the eyes! There are so many details that you can almost look at it endlessly, finding new elements every time. I have been to Prague four times and every visit I find new elements on the clock. My favorite is undoubtedly the intricately crafted calendar with zodiac signs! Apart from it, the clock also features the figures of the twelve Apostles, making their hourly parade, Death, sadly ringing the bell and turning the hourglass, the Turk shaking his head in despair over his promiscuity, Vanity, admiring his face in the mirror, and the Scrooge, carefully weighing his money bag in his hand.

Get an eyeful of it, even if not because it is a work of art, but to pay respect to the one who lost those eyes while creating this clock. We are talking about Master Hanuš of Růže, who, according to the legend, was blinded by the Prague authorities so that he would never again create an equally wonderful clock for another city. Supposedly, the clock tower is still haunted by the ghost of the deceived Master, who, when he realised he was betrayed, threw himself into the gears of his own machine and was cut to pieces…

The clock spectacle takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and the best place to admire it is… Starbucks! The café, which is located right next to Orloj, stretches over several floors and from the highest floor you can admire not only the mentioned clock, but also the entire Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí).

4) Legendary Bridge!

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Rome has the Colosseum, London BigBen (even though always in the falseworks…) … and Prague has the Charles Bridge! I know that the number of people on it can be discouraging, but that’s why it’s worth getting there early 🙂 This is a legendary bridge not only because it is so eagerly visited by thousands of tourists every year, but above all because it is the EMBODIMENT of legends, all kinds! I will mention two of my favorites 🙂

Let’s start with the fact that before the Charles Bridge stood proudly on the Vltava, there was previously, almost in the same place, … the Judith Bridge! Named after the second wife of Czech Prince Wladyslaw II. This bridge was supposed to be a meeting place for Judith and other… witches with the devil. At night, atrocities were said to have occurred there, angering God. To punish those practicing black magic, limbs of Satan, He sent a huge flood that destroyed the bridge. Believe it or not, one thing is certain, the Judith Bridge was destroyed by the rising waters of the Vltava and it was on its ruins that the Charles Bridge was built.

Today, this one proudly boasts not only its size, but also the number of sculptures standing on it (almost 30!). Including a sculpture of John of Nepomuk, a cunning monk who died in the depths of the Vltava on the orders of the king. The ruler was enraged that the monk first did not agree to reveal the sins of the royal wife, and then outsmarted him by agreeing to reveal the secrets of the confession to another creature staying in the chamber at the time, the king’s dog. Therefore, the martyr is shown with a dog by his side. The dog, from what I’ve read, lived happily ever after, don’t worry 🙂

5) How one decision by Spitygniew can change the face of the city!

And for good! I don’t mean those “brilliant” ideas that come to mind on Brother-in-law’s name day, but the Czech ruler, a prince with the graceful name Spitygniew (literal translation : Drunk Anger. I know 😀 ) who, after he took over the Czech tribe after Borzywoj (literal translation: God’s Warrior, I love Czech royal names), ordered a castle to be built around the church of the Virgin Mary.

Successive, changing rulers expanded the castle until they apparently decided that it was time to say enough is enough, because soon the entire city would be absorbed into the royal chambers. And there is something to it, because Praski Hrad breaks the Guinness record for the MOST EXTENSIVE castle IN THE WORLD. They had panche, right? :d

What captivates me, not so much as the castle itself, is the garden around it and the view of the city from it. Admission to the Gardens is free and if you don’t like castles, be sure to take a walk around them, bypassing the entrance to the castle itself, to end the route with this….

6) The best ice cream in Prague!

This side of town is where, in my opinion, the unbeatable ice cream heaven, Pragelina, on Loretanska 173/1. The whole taste impression is enhanced by the fact that this part of Prague is much quieter and more intimate. You can sit on the steps and admire the colorful Prague tenement houses, listen to the hustle and bustle of the cities, which increases as you get closer to the restaurants, and melt in the aroma of the famous trdelnik, which if you haven’t tried, you must try at least ONCE 😀

7) You won’t do a better thing in Prague!

After walking almost all of Prague, it’s time for a picnic in my favorite place in the whole city! The little island located on the Vltava is a piece of the city that seems to be beyond time. This is where people from Prague come to lie on the grass, drink beer in the shade of trees, watch beavers swimming or just do NOTHING. Be sure to stock up on Kofolka along the way, i.e. Czech Coca-Cola, bread, cheese… Fortunately, so few tourists get there! You can see an impressive number of them on the Charles Bridge, which from the perspective of the island looks like one human organism.

If you are in Prague on a weekend, visit the area around the Museum. There’s a lot going on there in the summer! If not a street food festival – and Prague is VERY good at gastro and surprises with unique flavor combinations – then a handmade or alternative fashion fair. Prague is full of life!


However, if you want to spend more time in Prague…

…. I recommend this hostel with all my Prague-loving heart! Located in the heart of Prague, close not only to the Old Town but also, very conveniently, to the train station (and the bus station is also nearby). What’s more, it’s clean, very cozy and equipped with everything a hostel should have (a bathroom in the room, a locker with a padlock, towels, as well as lots of shelves and switches, which as a person who always carries millions of devices I really respect) and even more – for I see a luxurious addition as a balcony, truly Instagrammable!

Prague is an excellent base for trips to other regions of the Czech Republic, such as my beloved Bohemian Switzerland or a short trip to German neighbors, Saxon Switzerland. If you dream of an escape to the bosom of nature, read my Czech inspirations with a base in Decin. Views like the ones below are waiting for you 🙂

I hope you liked my short inspiration guide for Prague. It’s not packed with attractions, but it’s a fully intentional move – I want to take you on journeys full of flavors, smells and atmosphere, and it’s hard to feel all this while running from point A to point B. Be sure to leave a comment or visit me on Instagram! I’m currently in… the Faroe Islands! 😀


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